The Nintendo Switch has received a rare discount at Amazon – Mini Jankari


If you’re looking for a console you can take on the go or play docked on a TV, the Nintendo Switch remains an excellent option. True, the Switch 2 might come with a bigger eight-inch screen, but the 6.2-inch touchscreen found on the original Switch is still spacious enough to comfortably game. You can play for hours, too, because the console’s battery should last up to six hours. What’s also nice is that the Switch comes with a microSD card slot. That’ll come in handy, as you’ll likely quickly fill up its 32GB of built-in storage given how many excellent games there are on the Switch eShop.

Unlike the standard Switch, the OLED model features a larger seven-inch OLED display with better picture quality. It also sports a more stable kickstand and 64GB of internal storage, so you can store even more games without having to opt for a massive microSD card. The speakers also deliver clearer audio, and there’s an ethernet port built into the dock that allows for a more stable internet connection if you find your Wi-Fi isn’t cutting it.

Update February 1st, 6:24PM ET: We’ve updated this post to include Dell’s ongoing promo for the Nintendo Switch OLED.


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