Netflix’s 2024 movie slate: rebels on the moon and cops in Beverly Hills – Mini Jankari


Though Netflix has had success in the past producing its own original feature-length projects, the streamer decided last year that it was high time to slow things down a bit and get back into the business of licensing popular movies created by other studios. You can see that strategic pivot reflected pretty clearly in the lineup of new films Netflix has planned to debut through 2024.

But while there’s nothing quite as buzzy as, say, a fresh Knives Out installment or a new picture from The Twisted Mind™ of Martin Scorsese, for the folks who’ve been patiently waiting for follow-ups to old classics like Beverly Hills Cop and newer fare like Rebel Moon, Netflix has you covered.

Along with director Tony Scott’s long-awaited Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F and the second half of Zack Snyder’s Rebel Moon sci-fi / action epic, this year will also see fantasy thrillers like Juan Carlos Fresnadillo’s Damsel and unsettling horror flicks like Lee Daniel’s The Deliverance make their streaming debuts on Netflix.

For folks looking for more family-friendly fare, titles like Yoshiyuki Momose’s The Imaginary and Shannon Tindle’s Ultraman: Rising will be ones to watch out for. And while quite a few of Netflix’s latest offerings don’t have first release dates just yet, it’s looking like the streamer intends to keep subscribers stocked with plenty of things to devour as we get deeper into the year.


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