Lego’s epic limited-edition Parisian Street and Mountain Fortress are about to go on sale – Mini Jankari


If you consider yourself a diehard fan of adult-grade Lego, you might want to be hovering over these buy buttons on Wednesday, February 7th, at 11AM ET. That’s when Lego will begin selling five limited-edition sets that are literally a fan dream come true: fans entered a BrickLink Designer Program contest to create these Lego sets all by themselves, and they’ll get 5 percent of the proceeds!

They’re also just really cool builds. I’m definitely eying the $380 Mountain Fortress that looks like an excellent counterpart to my Lion Knight’s Castle, the $50 Snack Shack that reminds me of a shrimp truck I loved in Hawaii, and the $320 Parisian Street with its timeless Haussmann architecture and charming storefronts.

I’ll tell you more about the contest below. For now, here are the sets!

Image: BrickLink Designer Program

Image: BrickLink Designer Program

Image: BrickLink Designer Program

An older image imagining what the interior might look like lit up.
Image: BrickLink Designer Program

Lego believes the sets should ship in July 2024, but “actual dates and shipping times may vary.”

Lego will also be making more of these fan-designed sets than ever before. While previous fan creations were limited to 10,000 copies or fewer, and Lego originally announced it would be making up to 20,000 of this batch, the company now says the limit is 30,000. That means these sets may not be as valuable for collectors as previous batches, most of which have already doubled in value, but hopefully, that means fewer scalpers!

It also means the fan designers of the biggest sets could earn royalties of around half a million dollars. Imagine that.


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